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Is your child falling behind at school?

Most school problems begin with reading. If you can't read well you can't learn, nor can you write well. There are two aspects to good reading - reading correctly and understanding.

Some children re-focus slowly after looking up from the page. Others leave out parts of words or even whole words. There are those who have irregular or disorganised eye movements. Some children see b's for d's and d's for b's.

Then there are the children who read well but don't understand what they read. If you don't comprehend, you can't learn.

Whatever the cause, weak readers lose confidence in themselves and fall behind at school. Such children are often intelligent, but they need individual help.

We have worked successfully since 1982 with students right up to Grade Twelve, and above. Of course different age groups need different kinds of help. That is why we offer individual programmes.

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