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How will you know if your child needs help?

There is a growing need for learners to improve their literacy skills. A recent independent education report has indicated that too many are not making use of the written word. Lack of efficiency in the skills of reading and writing may be making your child an under-achiever.

Go through this checklist. Click on the box next to each statement which applies to your child – and see if it can help you to pinpoint specific weaknesses.
Your child has ability but constantly brings home poor results. Makes excuses for poor marks like "the teacher / subject is boring" or "I had a bad day".
Teachers always tell you "he doesn't apply himself". Appears to make no realistic plans for the future. Refuses to discuss it seriously.
Too much time is spent aimlessly or watching television. Needs one-on-one help with homework and projects.
Too little time is spent studying or on homework. Often claims there is no homework. Procrastinates. Spends time and energy getting out of tasks instead of completing them.
Shows little initiative with household chores. Must be "nagged". Can do well when in the mood.
Has immature relationships with adults. Sees criticism as being picked on. Becomes angry when things don't go her way.
Often fails to complete work or loses interest. Lacks self-confidence, even among those in the peer group.
Dislikes reading. Reads hesitantly. Confuses "b" and "d". Reverses words. Answers most parent requests with "later" or "in a minute".
Seldom accepts responsibility for failure. Blames others. Teachers say that the child must work harder.
Seems to have a short attention span. Has no specific personal interests.
 Of these statements apply to your child.
If you have ticked four or more statements, then your child may have a learning problem.

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