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(021) 683 1299

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086 607 8976

Educent - How We Operate

During our first contact with you, probably by telephone, we give details of our services. Afterwards you are welcome to make an appointment.

We start with an assessment of the student's language skills (approximately one hour) followed by a full discussion of the results (at least half an hour.) A written report will be posted to you.

If you decide to enrol your student we prepare an individual programme based on the assessment results and on any other information available to us. The programme operates on the basis of a one-hour session per week, outside normal school / college hours.

We provide all the study material and equipment required. The programme uses a multi-media approach, with up to seven different activities during a session. The programme for each student starts at the level where we know he / she can be confident. It is reviewed and adjusted each week, so that there is obvious progress which can be appreciated by the student. Progress reports are sent to parents / guardians at regular intervals.

We do not give extra lessons. Our job is to find the weaknesses which lead to lack of success, and to overcome those weaknesses.